Cormidisrl was founded in 1995 by Armando, Antonio, Massimiliano and Sandro Cormidi enterprising brothers from the south of Italy. Armando Cormidi is the CEO of CormidiS.r.l. Italia and executive vice president of Cormidi USA in the United States. The company is responsible for the development and production of mini dumpers and tracked skid loaders, robust and versatile but extremely compact and handy for use on construction sites and at companies for the movement of earth, as well as for agriculture and for work that is difficult and challenging. Managerial skills and safety.



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The strong managerial skills of Cormidi resulted in the company immediately being established on the national and international scenario as a leader in the field. The corporate philosophy adopted by Cormidi is based on the principles of compactness, high standard of quality and continuous innovation. So much so that the machines produced are renowned for their sturdiness, power and durability. All this reflects the goal of the company to produce and market robust, powerful and durable machines, guaranteeing absolute safety and protection for operators.

Attention to the environment. The company Cormidi is especially respectful of the environment.  Its machines, in fact, are made 75% from recyclable components and are fuelled with green diesel, petrol and electricity; the oil used in the engines is low environmental impact. The entire production process takes place within the company, which allows granular control over all phases of construction, monitored by highly qualified personnel, as well as offering better quality and reliability of the product. The company periodically holds training courses, both technical and commercial, at the individual subsidiaries worldwide: in FranceGreece , England and in Australia, where it has branches.