Haulotte is an expert on people and material lifting equipment and is the third largest manufacturer in the world for these types of equipment. Offering a comprehensive range of telehandlers and aerial platforms products, Haulotte designs and markets their products with end users in the industrial sector and equipment rental companies in mind as primary customers.


Parker Sales is an authorized seller and supplier of the wide array of Haulotte products, serving clients in trades such as logistics, manufacturing, airport, maintenance and mass distribution industries. We work in partnership with equipment renters and construction companies because of their in-depth knowledge of the customers’ needs, their networks, and product expertise.

Haulotte manufactures and offers a comprehensive range of people and loads lifting equipment, which are readily available for purchase at Parker Sales.

Our Line of Haulotte Products

Parker Sales is a trusted name in the sales and distribution of Haulotte heavy equipment parts and products. Below are the product types and models we carry.


Intended mainly for maintenance work and warehouse inventories, vertical masts are the ideal platform for difficult-to-reach places. The masts climb directly to a working height of 13 ft to 26 ft (low range of rotation). Because of their compactness, they can provide workers the ability to fit through standard doorways. They can be used both outdoors and indoors as their white tires do not leave marks and do not hurt all types of floor surface.







The scissor mechanism of these lifts, which uses linked, folding supports in a criss-cross X pattern allows for large platforms with a greater range (15 ft to 53 ft working height). Haulotte scissor lifts are ideal in many different fields such as in construction and public works, structure cleaning, events and many more. Their designs are compact to allow for easy access to narrow spaces.

Haulotte mainly has two types of scissor lifts – for outdoor or indoor applications. The former is equipped with rough terrain diesel while the latter is a silent electric type lift. Their platform capacity ranges from 507 to 2,204 lbs.

Optimum 1931 AC

Compact 2032 E

Compact 2632 E

Compact 2668 RT

Compact 2747 E

Compact 3347 E

Compact 3947 E

Compact 3368 RT


Applications beyond what the scissor lifts can reach are done with our lightweight self-propelled booms. One of the most versatile machines in the industry, these lightweight self-propelled lifts have working heights from 55 to 61 feet but low ground pressure, which makes them suitable even for sensitive surfaces such as landscaping, designed concrete and interior uses. The use of heavy counterweights is eliminated with hydraulic outriggers that can be set-up in less than 30 sec.

Machine weights allow them to be towed without the need for a commercial driver’s license. This brings about their increased usage by small contractors, institutions and even home owners. Haulotte’s self-propelled booms come with dual power source (DC/Diesel), making them workable for both indoors and outdoors.

45 XA

55 XA


Articulated and telescopic trailers are the most popular type of platforms for heights extending from 35 to 79 feet. The possibilities for their uses are many, which make them the choice of skilled tradesmen and local communities.

These trailers can be conveniently towed to any site, owing to their compactness and lightweight. They have stabilizers that correct uneven ground levels and using them indoors or outdoors is not a problem.

3522 A

3632 T

4547 A

5533 A

6543 A


Also known as telescopic handlers, Haulotte’s telehandlers are designed compact, high lifting, and with high load capacity, addressing all kinds of concerns and application needs for lifting materials and heavy loads. All their designs are made with maximum efficiency, effective ergonomics, and minimization of worker fatigue in mind.

Haulotte proposes three ranges:

  • Compact
  • High lift
  • Heavy load capacity