Weber MT

Weber MT is a specialist in the manufacture of hand-guided compacting equipment, operating for over 60 years now. With headquarters in Bad Laasphe-Rückershausen, Germany, the equipment they offer bears the high German quality in their design and technology.

Weber MT’s compaction equipment includes forward-moving vibratory plates, reversible soil compactors, vibratory rammers, and hand-guided rollers, which are all robustly designed to the last detail and hold up exceptionally well under rough construction site conditions. Weber MT is known to operate on a policy of exceeding current quality standards and meeting customers’ expectations at all times.

Committed to continually excel at what they do, Weber MT comes up with modern designs and innovative products like COMPATROL®, setting the standard among walk-behind compaction equipment. Their continuous growth lead to warehouse expansion throughout the US and Canada to better serve their customers in the north.

Parker Sales is an authorized seller and supplier of the wide array of Weber MT products. We offer a comprehensive line of Weber MT’s construction compacting tools and equipment. Aside from quality products, we also provide a strong and reliable customer service during and after sales, ensuring that our clients are satisfied with the products and services we offer.

Our Line of Weber MT Construction Compacting Products

Parker Sales is a trusted name in the sales and distribution of Weber MT construction compacting products. Below are the product types and models we carry.


Weber MT vibratory rammers have all the necessary characteristics users look for in these types of equipment: excellent compaction results, operating comfort, and rugged design. Ideally used in earth compaction, sewage and trench construction, backfill, shoulder compaction or patching repairs in road construction, hardscape and landscape projects, these rammers are designed to meet customers’ needs, regardless of job requirements.

Forward Plates

The vibratory plate compactors of CF2 and CF3 series offer premium operating comfort, compact dimensions, and optimum running characteristics. They are best used in applications such as compaction work in landscaping and repair work. The CF 2A was especially designed for compacting asphalt.

CFR 90 is an alternative to the standard vibratory plates. The near-round vibratory base plate allows for greater maneuverability in confined areas like cable trenches and along curbs.

Reversible Plates

The reversible CR soil compactors outperform the competition due to their superb compacting capacity and superior efficiency. They are popular for classic applications such as in road building and civil engineering or for embedding pavement stones. Weber MT soil compactors provide superb ease of use from their balanced operating characteristics, smooth operation, and low hand-arm vibrations.

Need Weber MT Compacting Products?

Parker Sales is an authorized dealer, seller, and supplier of Weber MT construction compacting products. If you or your organization is in need of any of the Weber MT product types and models we carry, contact us and let’s discuss your product requirements.