Make it easy on yourself ... PUSH THE WATER!

Portable Pumping Systems, Inc. (PPSI) is a World Class manufacturer of Hydraulic submersible pumps and power units as well as centrifugal trash pumps, jet pumps , rotary pumps, and double diaphragm pumps. We service all industries including agricultural, irrigation, industrial, construction, utilities and municipal.

We utilize Yanmar, John Deere, and Deutz Diesel for our diesel pumps and Honda engines for our gasoline pumps. We have many options like Skid Mounted, Trailer Packs and Quiet pack Enclosures.


Portable Pumping Systems Inc. designs and manufactures world class quality pumps and ships them worldwide. We can build and supply your company with any type of pump you need. If it moves water we can build it and we stand by that promise. We have many stock pumps available and also custom build pumps to exact specifications.

Please use the navigation above to browse our stock pumps. You can download our pump specifications from our website to use on your jobsite to make sure you get the right pump for your project.


  • Double Diaphragm Pumps
  • Rotary Lobe Pumps
  • Mudhog Pump
  • Vac Assisted Dri-Prime Pumps
  • Honda

  • PPSI Hydraulic
  • Fire Pumps
  • Berkeley Pumps
  • Jet Pumps
  • Irrigation Pumps
  • Trash Pumps