Formed in 1965, Oztec Industries began building its reputation as a designer and manufacturer of quality construction equipment with the introduction of their first Terrazzo Grinder. Quickly responding to industry needs for a powerful, rugged machine, the Diamond Terrazzo Grinder was developed and patented by Oztec. It "sped" through the grinding process four to five times faster than existing carborundum machines making seemingly impossible, costly projects, possible and profitable. For better maneuverability in small areas, Oztec developed the Single Blade Diamond Grinder, which is still popular today for grinding concrete. Gas and electric ceiling grinders were developed adjustable from seven to twelve feet. Clean-up of the job site was made easier with Oztec's unique "terrazzo cleanup system" which constantly vacuums and pumps waste material outside the job site. Oztec grinders have produced top quality results on thousands of jobs over the years.

As a natural extension of their success in finishing terrazzo and concrete surfaces, Oztec Industries began designing and manufacturing quality vibrating equipment to meet the needs of the concrete construction industry. Immediately, the power, quality and reliability of Oztec vibrating equipment gained it a reputation as the best on the market. Oztec's status in the industry remains! Continually improving existing designs and developing new ideas, Oztec provides the right equipment to produce superior concrete on any size job. Oztec's line of fully interchangeable steel and rubber heads, electric and gasoline motors, back packs and portable mounts and flexible shafts are the most powerful, versatile and reliable in the industry.

  With the development of the patented "RubberHeadTM", Oztec has designed and produced a vibrator head that not only surpasses all the standards for protecting epoxy coated rebar, but is unequaled in consolidating concrete. The "RubberHeadTM" dimple design provides a more powerful radius of action along the entire length of the head, absorbs less vibration than steel and deflects, then pushes forward with high velocity. The "RubberHeadTM" is an absolute must for Architectural and low slump concrete.

  Oztec Industries continues to explore and develop means of producing superior quality concrete…Oztec Industries…Advanced design…Quality Manufacturing…Superior Results…Oztec...Simply The Best!

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